proud to be indian

i’m indian and also i’m proud to be indian.i’m here because of my lovely indian friends and support of family.MR satya is CEO at microsoft and he is good man. i really love ……#satyanadela

as of we don’t know more about Mr sundar pichai.he is vice senior president at Google.#google,  #sundarpichai,

as of…Rahul yadav from IITB   #rahulyadav

there are a lot of indians .that’s why we all love our culture.if you wanna more information contact me on my email id:

Hello Windows

Windows is loaded with multi-tasking tools: a custom start menu, live tiles, snap assist, task view and virtual desktops, to keep you organised, focused and ready for anything. Do great things, faster.

Designed to change your expectations. Windows leads the pack in innovation with devices that work in new and better ways. Windows 10 PCs do more. Just like you.It’s latest windows tech.

Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals  Preview Edition

Windows 8  / 8.1 Release Preview

Windows 7 New Features & Functions

Microsoft  Windows XP Service Pack 3 ( SP3) Preview