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what is Mozilla firefox,why we use it and for what ,what kinds of things are ..Did you know?

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Why we use like this type icon as’s not a default

Let’s talk about Mozilla Firefox – Firefox Hello


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On April 3, 2014 Brendan Eich  voluntarily stepped down as CEO OF Mozilla It has been well documented that Brendan’s past political donations led to boycotts, protests, and intense public scrutiny. Upon his resignation, Brendan stated: “Our mission is bigger than any one of us, and under the present circumstances, I cannot be an effective leader.” The intense pressure from the press and social media made it difficult for Brendan to do his job as CEO and effectively run Mozilla.

Mozilla is a free-software community, created in 1998 by members of Netscape. The Mozilla community uses, develops, spreads and supports Mozilla products, thereby promoting exclusively free software and open standards, with only minor exceptions.[1] The community is supported institutionally by the #mozillafoundation.

Since then, there has been a great deal of misinformation. Two facts have been most commonly misreported:

  1. Brendan was not fired and was not asked by the Board to resign. Brendan voluntarily submitted his resignation. The Board acted in response by inviting him to remain at Mozilla in another C-level position. Brendan declined that offer. The Board respects his decision.
  2. Around the time of Brendan’s appointment as CEO, three members of the Board of Directors resigned from the Mozilla Corporation Board. None of these board members resigned over any concerns about Brendan’s beliefs. Gary Kovacs and Ellen Siminoff had previously stated they had plans to leave, and John Lilly did not resign over any concerns about Brendan’s personal beliefs. Katharina Borchert was appointed to replace one of the empty Board seats after Brendan was appointed CEO.

Currently, Mitchell Baker continues to lead Mozilla as Executive Chairwoman and co-founder. The executive team is reporting directly to Mitchell, and she is also leading the search for a new CEO with support from the Board. The executive team is committed to moving forward with Mozilla’s 2014 goals under guidance from Mitchell and the Board.

Mozilla was built on the mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web. Every day, we bring together over half a billion users and thousands of contributors from more than 80 countries to advance the cause outlined in the Mozilla Manifesto. The Web is a vital public resource and Mozilla exists to protect it. That is what we do at Mozilla, our singular point of focus.

Let’s move on to Google Chrome –  Google Chrome Developers   Google Chrome Home 


The Google Chrome Web browser is based on the open source Chromium project. Google released Chrome in 2008 and issues several updates a year. It is available forWindows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems. The Google Chrome browser takes a sandboxing-based approach to Web security. Each open website runs as its own process, which helps prevent malicious code on one page from affecting others (or the computer operating system at large). The browser also supports Web standards such as HTML5 and cascading style sheets (CSS).

Google based the look of Chrome OS, its operating system for Web-based applications, on the Chrome Web browser. Chrome was the first major Web browser to combine the search box and the address bar, a feature that most competitors have since adopted. It also allows users to sign in with their Google accounts, which enables them to sync bookmarks and open Web pages across multiple devices. In 2010, Google launched the Chrome Web Store, an online marketplace where users can buy and install Web-based applications to run inside the browser. These apps are available as either browser extensions or links to websites.

.There are many ways that can prove which Web browser is better to use for Software Development , Android Development and for designing for Web at Home,Lab,anywhere wherever you wanna to do .  which is better-Quora

  1. Boot Setting ( speed)


it’s about boot speed on browsers.

if we open chrome and mozilla one by one .we will get to know about speed test. which browser is so fast and which one is i’m talking about two popular Web browser Google Chrome – download  vs Mozilla Firefox – download    here is data :


i’m agree with this data.Google Chrome is faster.Everyone  wants to finish one’s work whether it’s about an office work or related to everything .internet has biggest in that case you have to prefer Google chrome.while if  really you wanna to become a software developer so according to me Mozilla is best one among of them .

Test your browser Internet speed here Speed Test  

2. Memory use 

according to data chrome vs firefox  Firefox is better .Looking at the Windows task manager, it’s easy to assume that Chrome is a resource-hungry beast, as the browser will often list multiple simultaneous processes. However, this can be deceptive, as the chrome files each separate tab, extension and plug-in as a separate process.

Screenshot from 2014-08-22 20-49-36.png

but in the other case of extensions : if we have no extension so

Memory use without extensons

Firefox is winner without having any extensions.

if we have more extensions like more than 5 so here is data’s .Adding a few extensions the browsers made little difference in the competition for RAM. While each browser used up a good deal more memory with five extensions attached

Memory use with 5 extenson.png

here firefox is winner in wars of chrome vs mozilla based on memory use having 5 extensions

3. best-designed browser

Google Chrome is the best-designed browser out there. Its minimalist design is elegant and uncluttered, containing exactly what it needs to. While it wasn’t the first to do tabbed browsing, it’s possibly one of the best, and the Omnibox feature, combining search functions with URL, was a widely-aped revelation.


Firefox isn’t far behind, however. The interface is a little less streamlined than Google’s .let’s see here ,i would like to forward to get more details about Software_designing .so

IT PRO Analysis insight 

chrome-omnibox  In case of Tabs – if you open numbers of tab in your browser each one.see here data with 9 Tabs keeping on browsers


here it’s a old data .new data is updated .so if you check latest browser chrome nad mozilla you’ll get to know which one is better .according to upper image firefox 7.0 is better than chrome 14 .

i checked latest versions of these browser .Chrome is better than mozilla

if you’re going to check out Javascript performance on your browser ( i’m talking about only mozilla firefox and google chrome ) .so


Chrome is better .

if you’re going to check out CSS and DOM performance.let’s see here


Firefox is better than Chrome.

here i would like to more information about browsers. Firefox is developing itself .Now you can add any extension on mozilla semiliar chrome.means chrome extensions are running up on let’s hope Firefox is gonna be more faster compared than older versions.may be it’s can be faster than chrome in future.Software  developers are working hard .

                       Here’s Why Firefox is Still Slow compare Google Chrome

  1. No Multi-Process Architecture Firefox recently gained the ability to open a private-browsing window alongside a normal browsing window, a much-wished-for feature that has been in Chrome since the beginning.

  1. Firefox Doesn’t Use a Security Sandbox : Chrome and Internet Explorer use a modern Windows feature called “low integrity mode” or “protected mode” to run browser processes with as few user permissions as possible. If a browser vulnerability was discovered and exploited in Chrome or IE, the exploiter would also have to use some sort of additional vulnerability to escape the security sandbox and gain access to the rest of the system. 
  1. Frequent Updates :  After Chrome launched, Firefox moved to a more frequent release schedule, like Chrome’s.
  1. Out-of-Process Plugins : While Firefox doesn’t have proper multi-process features like Chrome, it did add a feature that allows plug-ins like Flash to run in their own process so they don’t crash the rest of the browser. 
  1. JavaScript Performance : Like all other browsers, Firefox was pushed to dramatically improve its JavaScript performance after Chrome showed up with its huge lead in JavaScript performance over everyone. 
  1. PDF Viewe : Firefox recently gained an integrated PDF viewer, long after such a feature launched in Chrome
  1. Extensions That Can Handle Browser Upgrades :  Firefox then had to work on updating its extension API, allowing extensions to install without restarting and to function seamlessly without breaking after browser-version upgrades — just like how they worked on Chrome.

There are more reasons that can prove firefox is still slow than chrome .whether chrome is faster but still i would like to choose mozilla for my work related to developing Add_ons or any other software working.

Today’s Generation believes in fast’s your choice which one you wanna to choose .

wish Firefox will be best 

We’re not just trying to attack Firefox here. It was once the best browser, and Mozilla deserves credit for eating into Internet Explorer 6’s market share, showing Microsoft that they could lose their place and forcing them to restart their halted Internet Explorer development. They also deserve credit for making the web more standardized, eliminating websites that say they’re “Designed for Internet Explorer.” This has allowed other browsers to step in — the most popular ones being Chrome and Safari. Firefox laid the groundwork, and Mozilla has been a tireless fighter for open standards.

It’s good for the web to have Mozilla as a browser vendor that isn’t tied to a single large corporation, as Microsoft, Google, and Apple own the other top browsers. The fact that we have an open-source browser created by a non-profit organization only looking to make the web a better is great for the web.

That’s why it’s  Mozilla has allowed Firefox to fall so far behind. Halting development on Electrolysis and still having not implemented sandboxing security features are signs that Mozilla hasn’t been prepared to knuckle-down and do the really hard low-level work to improve Firefox’s performance and security. Many of the other changes they’ve made have imitated changes made in Chrome much earlier.


Firefox is still the best browser in some ways. For example, if you need the most powerful browser extension framework, Firefox has it. But we wish Firefox was more competitive in other ways. In 2013, a browser should be a multi-process application with proper security sandboxing. But Firefox isn’t — in fact, it has fallen behind Internet Explorer when it comes to these two important features.

Which will be mixed browser

Firefox was primary browser . but in some of cases it’s been replaced by chrome .There was once a powerful browser known as the Mozilla suite. It was too big and bloated for its own good, so a group of developers decided to create a new, minimal browser from its core technologies. They called it Phoenix, and it evolved into the Firefox we know today. If Mozilla can’t turn Firefox into a modern browser because of all the legacy code getting in the way, perhaps we need a Phoenix 2.0.

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