How we can remove the New folder.exe virus from our computer or system?

If your machine is running slow, or strange windows keep popping up as you browse about Windows, your PC may well have been infected by a virus, spyware or one of the myriad other types of malware that proliferate on the web.

  1. if your virus is older than 30 days :

open “notepad ” and type this text and save it as “.bat” file . .bat stands for batch file .

  1. REM Remove files older than 30 days

    forfiles /p “C:\Users\RAHULK\Downloads” /s /m *.* /c “cmd /c Del @path” /d -30 “


save as “DownloadCleaner.bat ” file . run the batch file and then try for next.

what you have to do after saving file as batch file that i’d showed you.

go to “task scheduler ”  then follow the steps like this :

now i’m uploading only images .you can see here what i’m doing in order:


2.  If  you don’t know when it came to your machine ( using cmd ) :

that was other method .but you ca easily remove any .exe virus with command prompt . as well you can create any virus as your own if you want.

                                            run the command prompt .now see

as you said your virus like “newfolder.exe ” so just have a look here

you have to do in order wise ;

  1. taskkill /f /t /im New Folder.exe
  2. taskkill /f /t /im SCVVHSOT.exe
  3. taskkill /f /t /im SCVHSOT.exe
  4. taskkill /f /t /im scvhosts.exe
  5. taskkill /f /t /im hinhem.scr
  6. taskkill /f /t /im blastclnnn.exe

i tried it but my laptop doesn’t have any virus .if you have it then it will show you . so just run the all commands by step.


3. like command promptregistry Editor is important . i’ll say if you know all windows command then you can control on your windows by own .it means you will be admin / administrator of your windows OS by using regedit .

press “windows logo + R “then type ” regedit  ” it will show you .

how it works for disable any virus from your machine. these are steps .

Registry editor commands.png

after entering these commands .open your folder “go to properties ” then ” view ” click on the open for ” show hidden files , folders , and drivers “

where you can locate these hidden files , folders and drivers . follow the path

Computer / Local disc ( C) / windows    then delete them ,

4.  i think now you can delete that new folder.exe ( virus ) files from your system. if you still having doubts let me know by mailing me here . by the ways i have 3-5 tools than can delete any virus from your system . For further contact me if you have something .


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